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Fly Fishing Southwest Florida

Welcome to the world of fly fishing in sunny Southwest Florida. That's right, fly fishing isn't just limited to freshwater rivers, creeks and lakes. Although fly fishing has been practiced here for over a century, it has been a well-kept secret until a few years ago. Well, the secret is out! Not only are the local estuaries, creeks and bays loaded with many varieties of game fish, most of these species are readily fooled by well-tied and presented flies. And these fly fishing opportunities exist year-round; whatever the season or month, there are several species ready to attack your fly and show you their speed and endurance.

So enjoy the fishing reports and tackle/accessory offerings of our site sponsors, and read Don Phillips' article series designed to introduce you to the tools and techniques of our sport. And please do come and fish with us at your earliest opportunity.

A Basic Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing in Southwest Florida
by Don Phillips

Magazine Article Reprint on Marco Island Fly Fishing


In recognition of the importance of this fly fishing community, the Federation of Fly Fishers announced the establishment of a new regional coordinating council, The Florida Council, Federation of Fly Fishers (Flyfisher Magazine, Autumn-2006, Page 15). The first meeting of the Council for Florida fly fishers will be held on Jan 27,2007, a one day event at the International Game Fish Association Hall of Fame in Dania , Florida at 10:00 a.m. All programs are open to the general public as well as to members.

Preliminary Program:

Casting Clinics every hour from Joan Wulff, John Cave , Dusty Sprague, Gordie Hill, Dan LaGasse and more....

Fly Fishing Programs:

Steve Huff, Dr. Aaron Adams, Alan Zaremba, Rick Grassett and more....

Fly Tyers:

Les Fulcher, John Sweeny, Jack Neeley, Jim Stewart, Oscar Filieu, Steve Gibson and more....

There will be a great raffle, super fishing trips, and more prizes... Join us and find out how the Federation of Fly Fishers serves the angling community.

Additional information Contact:
Capt. Peter T. Greenan
2416 Parson Lane Sarasota, FL 34239

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